Dana Entin is both a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and a Parenting Educator and Consultant who has worked with children and their parents for the past 30 years.

In 1989, after 3 years of working at UCLA Medical Center as an RN in critical care pediatrics, Dana completed a Masters degree in Nursing from UCLA and became a certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. Dana then worked in two very busy pediatric practices in the Los Angeles area for 11 years.   In addition to providing primary health care services to patients from birth to adolescence, she taught baby care classes, provided lactation services, was a graduate student preceptor, and a clinical pediatric nursing instructor. While working as a PNP, Dana acquired a deep knowledge and respect for family processes and dynamics, child development, and a true understanding of how best to help parents maximize their child’s physical, social and psychological health and well being.

For the past 14 years, Dana has worked primarily as a Parent Educator and Parenting Consultant. With her health science and medical background, she has provided services to parents and their children in both group and private consultation. She has taught and lectured in a multitude of settings, to both parents and preschool professionals. She specializes in areas related to health, prevention, safety, education, technology, development, nutrition, discipline, sleep and behavior.

Dana’s goals in working with parents, children and families are to:

1. Provide a respectful and individualized approach to each parent and child
2. To help promote a strong and trusting relationship between parents
and their children
3. To function in an advocacy role for both parents and their children
4. To maintain a supportive, informative, and reassuring presence

Click to hear Dana discuss what is effective discipline on the Kids in the House website.


Dana Entin is The Toddler Whisperer. Watching her work with young children is stunning, inspiring, and deeply transformative. She models amazing qualities for parents and children alike: wisdom, an empathic presence, deep inquisitiveness, respect for others, emotional availability, truly active listening, healthy communication, respect of healthy boundaries, and Zen-like groundedness. She had a deep impact on our lives.
Stefan F 10/2015, Father of fraternal boy twins

Dana’s guidance was truly the Rx we needed to dig us out of the trenches of early twins parenting (and beyond!).  It was invaluable for us to watch and listen to the way that Dana would work her magic with our children during class time.  I still use the words and tools that I learned from her each day… namely thanking our children for hearing us and speaking to them in a respectful way. Even beyond her work with our children, Dana creates a safe environment for parents to feel comfortable sharing their own feelings and struggles they are experiencing, without judgment.

Melanie B 10/2015, Mother of 5 year old boy and girl twins

I want to buy this woman a car! Dana got our two year old twins sleeping through the night in a few simple, painless steps and it changed the quality of all our lives tremendously. She’s my go-to for parenting solutions ever since.
Kinan, Mother of twin 4 year old boys