What have I learned about parenting over the past 25 years of working with parents and their children?

What have I learned about parenting over the past 25 years of working with parents and their children?

I have learned innumerable life lessons from working with children and their parents over the past 25 years. I first worked as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner in two very busy practices in Los Angeles for over 10 years. And then, after having a set of twin boys with a little girl already at home, and taking a short leave, I reentered the work force as a Parent Educator and Consultant, facilitating education and support groups for parents and children.

The essence of my experience points to the importance of balance. Ultimately, when parents engage in dialogue of how to maintain (balance) an environment (family) where children are respected and given what they need to flourish, their children develop into individuals who are civil, aware, connected, self-reliant and resilient.

Yet, maintaining balance in family life today is very challenging. I am constantly hearing about parents’ struggle with achieving balance in their families. The knowledge and skill to acquire this kind of balance isn’t always innate or even automatic. It is a skill to practice and one that evolves over time. After all, what is the rush? Parenting is a process; parents grow and evolve just as children do.

This blog is about real people, real issues, and real parenting.

I hope to inspire, educate, support and expand the thinking of all parents of any age child (or children).

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. knowing, for example, how to strike a balance between activities and downtime for their children, or when to be authoritative in their discipline or when to be flexible or when to embrace technological educational tools and when to just read a book with their child. Upholding balance can be very tricky, it is very valuable.



Over the past 25 years, parents and their children have been my teachers. First as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and then as Parent Educator facilitating education and support groups, I learn (and continue to learn) from people parenting children. I have also been fortunate to be working directly with children. Children are wonderful teachers as they are direct, honest and present by nature. They also crave and respond well to balance.  Often specialists work with just one particular group, but I have valued specializing in the care and wellbeing of both parents and children, separately and collectively.


The skill and knowledge will come from many sources, one of which being a parent’s intuition. Another source will be a result of being aware yourself and your child, or being in tune with what’s happening in your family. I like to call the combination of intuition and being in tune with your children, “intunitive parenting.”

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